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Guaranteed Approval Loans for Bad Credit South Africa

One of the worst experiences a person can have is being cash strapped. If you’ve ever been in this position and you found yourself wishing you could access urgent guaranteed approval loans online, well look no further. At, we offer a selection of Guaranteed approval loans for bad credit in South Africa. We provide an array of short-term lenders who are ready to offer you high-risk loans with guaranteed approval. Interestingly, the application process does not even take up to five minutes of your time. With just a few simple clicks, the guaranteed approval loan that you desire is just at your fingertips.

What Are Guaranteed Approval Loans with No Credit Check?

Guaranteed approval loans with no credit check, as the name implies, are loans for which every single prospective applicant will be approved. In other words, regardless of your credit score is or income status, your loan application will most likely be approved.

They are strikingly like no credit check loans. In this sense, even if any hard creditworthiness or affordability checks are run, the results are not considered. The aim is to make credit facilities available to all and sundry.

Guaranteed approval loans with no credit check are typically unsecured and easily accessible. As a result, the lenders run a much higher risk of default. However, no profit-oriented business would accept losing money without taking steps to protect itself. Consequently, many guaranteed approval loans direct lenders often increase the interest rates and charges for all customers to reflect enormous risk.

Furthermore, these types of bad credit personal loans are also unlikely to have any collateral or punitive measures in place to incentivize customers to avoid defaulting. So, if as a borrower, you miss a payment on your guaranteed approval loan, you can contact the direct lender to arrange an alternative payment structure.

When you’re faced with a financial emergency and need to borrow money quickly, going through the proper processes – and running the risk of not being approved – may not be an attractive prospect.

Guaranteed Approval loans are popular for their versatility and easy accessibility. Whether you’re looking for a long-term personal loan, short-term loan, unemployed loan, payday loan, same day loans, secured loan, an unsecured loan or, any other form of no credit check loans with guaranteed approval, at, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval South Africa?

If you’re looking for ways to obtain bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval South Africa, NoCreditCheckLoans is exactly where you should visit. The process is entirely online. Meaning that you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home to apply and receive the loan. Likewise, upon the completion of the loan tenure, you can also make repayments online. The applicant steps are easy, seamless, and disbursement is instant.

At NoCreditCheckLoans we put you in direct contact with South African lenders who are most likely to accept, approve and disburse your loan at competitive Interest rates. With us, the whole process is completed online. You do not have to worry have long bank queues or piles of paperwork.

With increasing unemployment rates and worsening economic situation, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves in situations where they need cash to meet emergency expenses. We understand this, that’s why our platform is optimized for speed and a smart user experience. The objective is to get you through the process as quickly as possible with minimal distress.

Generally, in South Africa, anyone with a TransUnion credit score below 527 may find it difficult to obtain personal loans. Often times the millions of people who have bad credit, are the ones who need it the most. Our platform is designed to provide succour to this group of people. So, even if other banks and financial institutions have denied your loan applications in the past due to your bad credit, at NoCreditCheckLoans, you’ll be able to find different viable options for bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval South Africa.

On average, when you apply for Guaranteed approval loans with no credit check online, the lender can approve and disburse the funds into your bank account within a few hours. It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

But, before you fill in your application, here are the things that you need to take to get your loan application approved and disbursed successfully.

STEP 1: Select your loan amount and loan term

As with any loan application, the first step is to make a decision about the amount of money that is sufficient to meet your current financial obligations. After that, you need also to choose a repayment tenure.

Asides from providing access to funds to meet your urgent needs, bad credit loans also offer you a lifeline to repair your credit rating again. And, if you’re able to make repayments as due, the credit bureau will be obliged to increase your credit score over time.

Therefore, to achieve this, it is very important to choose an optimum combination loan amount that meets your needs as well as a repayment structure that suits your current income profile.

At NoCreditCheckLoans, our platform allows you to select a loan amount in multiples of 100 between R500 to R4,000. The interest rate (APR) will vary depending on the direct lender that you select from the list. However, if you’re looking for Guaranteed Approval loans for bad credit you can expect to pay slightly higher interest rates. This is because this category of loans is often unsecured. Hence, the high-interest rate reflects the huge risk that the lender takes on.

STEP 2: Complete our application form.

After selecting the optimum loan amount and repayment structure that suits your needs the next step is to complete our online application form. You will complete this process entirely online. The forms are well laid out and streamlined to optimize for speed. Most people are able to complete the forms in less than 5 minutes.

On the application portal you’ll be required to provide your salient details like your name, employment status, income range, and of course, your banking account details for the loan disbursement.

But beware. While It is true that Guaranteed Approval loans are quite easy to obtain, if you fill in wrong details, or offer falsified documents during your application process, you may not be able to receive your loan in due time. In some cases your application.

So, it is very important that you fill in your true and correct details at every step of your application process.

STEP 3: Wait 2 minutes for the decision.

After you have completed the application form, the automated system will then process the details you have provided. In less than 5  minutes you will get a verdict. As the name implies, a Guaranteed Approval loan application almost always brings up an “approved” verdict.

However, if for any reason, your application is declined by the system, the reason will be clearly stated in the message. Most times, it is usually due to an error in the details you filled in the application form. However, a rejection verdict is not the end of the road. You can start the application over again and pay attention to the errors flagged. In some cases, you may be offered a lesser loan amount or a different loan tenure.

Our platform does not carry out a hard credit check in your application process. So, do not be afraid to try again multiple times until you find your desired guaranteed loans for bad credit offers. You can be rest assured that multiple applications will not hurt your credit score, nor would you be charged any upfront fees in the process.

STEP 4: Connect with a lender if approved

Once you receive an “approved” verdict after your bad credit loan application is processed, we will instantly send to the lender’s website which will send you the loan contract

Like every other legally binding document, you should carefully read the document before you append your signature. When you are satisfied that the terms are acceptable to you, you can then proceed to sign and send it back electronically to the lender.

This is usually the final step of the guaranteed loans for bad credit application process.

Once you have completed this step, the lender will instantly proceed to disburse the loan amount directly into your bank account. In South Africa, when you successfully apply for guaranteed approval loans online, the disbursement process barely takes up to 24hrs. If you have provided your bank account details correctly, you should receive the funds within just a few hours. The delivery timeline may vary, depending on your bank and the chosen payment method.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

At we make guaranteed approval loans for bad credit available for everyone regardless of their credit history, income level or employment status. But in spite of this, the are some basic criteria that you must fulfil in order to be considered eligible for it. This involves basic eligibility regulations set by the South African authorities. Generally, these basic requirements are uniform across all states and provinces.

Here are the basic criteria that an individual must fulfil to be able to obtain Guaranteed Approval loans online.

  • The applicant must be 18 years and older.
  • The applicant must be a legal resident of South Africa
  • Proof of monthly income and/or employment status.
  • A valid email address and phone number(s).
  • A valid Identity Card (ID card) issued and recognized by the South African government, such as a copy of your driver’s license, or international passport.

Advantages of No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval

Despite the high risk involved and high-interest rates charged, no credit check loans guaranteed approval actually do have a host of advantages. Here are a few of them.

· Easy Access

Guaranteed approval is regarded as the easiest type of loan to obtain. As the name implies, everyone that applies for it get approved. Except in very rare cases, where the applicant does not one of the basic eligibility criteria outlined by the South African authorities. In most cases, Guaranteed Approval loans really do come in handy as they are available to everyone regardless of their borrowing history or income status.

· Quick Approval

For most lenders, the application assessment process for Guaranteed approval loans does not include credit checks or income status evaluations. Consequently, the approval process is streamlined and disbursement is much faster than other loan types. So, if you are looking for a loan option to meet an urgent need, Guaranteed approval loans should be your go-to option.

· Credit Score Repair

A poor credit rating is not cast in stone. If you are able to make your repayments as due, Guaranteed Approval loans offer you a rare lifeline to repair your credit score. Since they are available to everyone, South Africans with credit scores below 527 can take advantage of guaranteed approval loans to improve their credit score over time, while also using the funds to rejuvenate their financial fortunes.

Features of Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

· No hard credit checks

Guaranteed Approval loans for bad credit are popular for their unique evaluation process that completely excluded credit checks.

In most countries including South Africa, the rule of thumb is for financial institutions to request a hard credit check from the credit bureau each time an applicant approaches them for a loan. In the process, the potential borrower may be liable to pay some fees. Sometimes, they even lose some credit score points for each check that is carried out.

For people who already have bad credit, the charges may prove costly, and further point deductions will only see their credit prospects worsen. This is why many South Africans today consider our guaranteed approval loans for bad credit a real lifesaver.

· No Collateral

In most cases, Guaranteed Approval loans are usually unsecured. So, even if you don’t have any collateral assets, you still stand a great chance of having your application approved. This makes it a great loan option for low-income earners and unemployed people who may not be able to afford to provide the collateral security required for other types of loans.

· Flexible Repayment Structure

Unlike other types of loan facilities, these Guaranteed Approval loans usually come with very little or no rigid punitive measures to force customers to make repayments. Therefore, if a borrower, misses payments on a guaranteed approval loan, they can easily contact the direct lender to arrange an alternative payment structure or re-negotiate the terms.


If you are a resident of South Africa, and you are looking for where to get Guaranteed Approval loans online, NoCreditCheckLoans is a one-stop shop for your credit needs. We have established our reputation as a reliable online credit broker that offers a series of credit options for people who need urgent funds to meet various financial obligations. On our digital platform, we partner with a variety of direct lenders to provide urgent bad credit loan options in amounts ranging from R500 to R4,000.


How To Increase Your Chances Of Loan Approval?

If you are looking to increase your chances of loan approval, you should work towards maintaining a good-excellent credit score, increasing your income, and reducing your debts.

How to Know If Your Credit Score Is Good Or Poor?

To know your credit score, you can request a free copy of your credit history from your bank. Then, use the TransUnion scale to determine the category that you fall. In South Africa, credit score rating ranges from 0 to 999.

  • Excellent credit: 767 – 999.
  • Good credit: 681 – 766.
  • Favourable credit: 614 – 680.
  • Average Credit: 583 – 613.
  • Below Average Credit: 527 – 582.
  • Unfavourable Credit: 487 – 526.
  • Poor Credit: 0 – 486.

Do Loans With Guaranteed Approval Exist?

Yes, Guaranteed Approval loans do exist. They are available to everyone, regardless of your credit history, income level, or employment status. However, you still have to fulfil some basic eligibility criteria and provide some crucial KYC details.

How Can I Find an Online Lender?

The number of bad credit direct lenders on the internet has increased dramatically over the last few years. To most efficient way to find them is to go through reliable credit brokers like